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Our Team

  Miguel A. Porrúa Vigón, Electronic Government and NPA Program Coordinator:
Mr. Porrúa Vigón coordinates and supervises the portfolio of projects related to e-government. Particularly, he is responsible for the following programs and projects: Red GEALC, the Inter-American Government Procurement Network, e-Government capacity-building, the e-Government Service Centers (e-GCS), and the NPA program.
Mike Mora, Capacity-Building and Cadastre Coordinator:
Mr. Mora works toward capacity-building in various areas such as e-learning, Electronic Government, Cadastre and Land Registry issues. He coordinates the following projects: MuNet Cadastre, CapaciNet, and the Capacity-Building Fund.

David Mulet, Assistant Project Coordinator:
Mr. Mulet supports the following projects within the Executive Office: MuNet Cadastre, CapaciNet through the dissemination of capacity-building online courses, and assists in the management of the Capacity-Building Fund.

Jose Luis Tesoro, Regional Coordinator for Electronic Government e-learning:
Jose Luis suppoprts the pedagogical coordination for the e-learning Electronic Government courses in Spanish and Portuguese. He coordinates the OAS e-Government Forum which gathers all the graduates from the Electronic Government courses. Moreover, he is in charge of coordinating the OAS e-Government Forum Bulletin as a means of vocational training and analysis of key aspects within the field of Electronic Government and Knowledge Society in the Americas. 

Javier Saenz Core, Local Electronic Government Specialist:
Javier is responsible for the MuNet e-Government program. He has designed and implemented local e-government strategies, government web portals, and collaborative work and training environments within Latin American countries. Moreover, he has been a course tutor for the SEDI/OAS e-learning program, coordinates the tutors for the e-Government courses and is a professor of the Governance and New Technologies Course at the ´Escuela Superior de Gobierno Local´ and the ´Red Interamericana de Formación en Gobierno Electrónico´. 
  Daniela Paoli, Assistant Project Coordinator for e-Government:
Within DMEG/SPA, Ms. Paoli supports the MuNet e-Government program, OAS e-Government Forum and assists the e-Government Coordinator with other e-Government initiatives and activities.


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