About the VII COMCYT

The Seventh Regular Meeting of the Inter-American Committee on Science and Technology (COMCYT) will take place October 18-19, 2012 at the Organization of American States headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The COMCYT is a technical-political body for discussion in the area of science and technology formed by high-level representatives from ministries and high authorities in science and technology of the 34 OAS member states. Its main function is to promote hemispheric policies for partnership on the subject of scientific development, technology transfer, and the promotion of technological innovation, in accordance with the guidelines stemming from inter-American ministerial dialogue within the process of the Summits of the Americas

The objective of the meeting is to follow up on activities implemented by the Member States pursuant to the Panama Action Plan 2012-2016, adopted at the Third Meeting of Ministers and High Authorities on Science and Technology (Panama City, 2012), and to address the advances and concrete proposals for action of the working groups established under the Plan for its implementation. The meeting will also identify mechanisms for hemispheric cooperation to promote the Plan’s four pillars: innovation, human resource training and education, national quality infrastructure and technological development.

COMCYT Chair  Dr. Ruben Berrocal, National Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of Panama, will conduct the meeting, which will feature, among other distinguished guests:  

  • Gen. Moises Omar Halleslevens, Vice President of Nicaragua and  Chair of the Nicaraguan Council of Science and Technology
  • Dr. Ligia Amada Melo de Cardona, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Dominican Republic
  • Dr. Dr. Luis Alberto Davalos Davalos, President of the National Council of Science and Technology of Paraguay
  • Dr. Dr. Gisella Orjeda, President of the National Council of Science, Technology and Innovation of Peru
  • Dr. Carlos Fonseca, Director General of COLCIENCIAS-Colombia
  • Dr. Rosa Maria Amaya, National Secretary of the National Secretariat of Science and Technology of Guatemala

As part of this event, the COMCYT will elect its President and two Vice Presidents for the 2012-2013 term.