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Young Scholars Program



The Young Scholar Program's objective is to provide an opportunity for youth from the Americas, and other regions, to work actively in the Inter-American Program's activities, as part of their college coursework or as an independent initiative. This work may include research, meeting participation, translations, planning and participation in Program events within and outside the United States, among others.

In this way, the Inter-American Program strengthens the Professional Development Component by providing youth with opportunities of training and by contributing to promote research and analysis from a plural and multi-disciplinary perspective of education for democratic citizenship and related topics.

It´s important to highlight that the Inter-American Program on Education for Democratic Values and Practices, cannot provide economic support to the participants of the Young Scholar Program that collaborate in its activities. The Young Scholars can participate from their countries and/or from Washington DC.

Characteristics of the candidates

We prefer candidates with interest in the field of democratic citizenship education and related areas. Preferably, with some course work and work experience in this field. Candidates should be from one of the 34 member states of the OAS, but we also consider candidates from outside the Americas with a clear interest in the region. Candidates must speak at least one (two or more is preferred) of the organization's four official languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.


We cordially invite all interested young scholars from the Americas to apply by sending their curriculum vitae to . The Program reviews applications as an on-going process.

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