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The Research Component of the Inter-American Program on Education for Democratic Values and Practices promotes research activities to achieve a better understanding of the different dimensions of education for democracy in the Americas. The research may be comparative in nature and is coordinated by the General Secretariat of the OAS in collaboration with the ministries of education, universities, political parties, the private sector and civil society organizations and groups.


 The Inter-American Journal of Education for Democracy

The Inter-American Journal of Education for Democracy is a refereed academic publication aimed at fostering intellectual discussion and exchange of ideas to promote democratic citizenship education in the Americas. Created in alliance with the University of Indiana, Pontificia Universidad Católica in Chile and the University of Toronto, the IJED is a plural forum that diffuses knowledge on a wide array of topics, disciplines, theoretical perspectives, and methodologies in the field of citizenship education for democracy.

The Journal can be freely accessed by internet. . At the moment there are six editions of the Journal. The last edition was published online in March, 2011.

Research articles may be submitted for consideration on an ongoing basis. We invite research-based or conceptual articles that advance the discussion about education for democracy. To publish in RIED, please read all the requirements.

To vist the Magazine's webpage, please click here.

Hemispheric Report on National Policies Education for Democratic Citizenship (June 2008) 

This document was prepared by Jo-Ann Amadeo y Adriana Cepeda for the Inter-American Program on Education for Democratic Practices and Values, Department of Education and Culture, Organization of American States. The goal of this report is to conduct an analysis of democratic citizenship education policies in the formal school setting, considering all the work that is being developed in related areas such as civics education, conflict resolution education, peace education, ethics and values education, character education, diversity education, human rights education, environmental education, gender equity education, among others. You may freely access the document which is available at our website at To download the document, please click here.

Strengthening Democracy in the Americas through Civic Education

Within the framework of the background and mandates related to the promotion of education for democratic citizenship in the Americas and in order to advance in the design of strategies for the promotion of a democratic culture, the General Assembly of the OAS approved in 2002 Resolution AG/RES. 1869, whereby it requests that the Unit for Social Development and Education (UDSE) of the OAS General Secretariat, undertake a study to establish the ways in which member states incorporate the teaching of democratic principles and values in their educational curriculums. This document was prepared by Judith Torney-Purta and Jo-Ann Amadeo-University of Maryland, College Park and can be freely accessed. To download the document please click here.

Policy Brief

These policy briefs aim to report key findings from research and from policies and programs on topics that are high on the citizenship education agenda, providing information tools for the development of public policies in the countries of the Americas.


Project Education of Migrant Children and Youth

“Education of Migrant Children and Youth” is a three-year project that seeks to document, systematize, and disseminate the lessons learned from promising policies, programs and practices aimed at providing quality educational experiences for migrant children and youth.   The expected results of the project include enhanced awareness and capacity within Ministries of Education to develop, implement, and evaluate programs that improve the educational opportunities and outcomes of migrant children and youth. For further information on the project, please, click here.

Document of the Project:

Research Database

We are building a research database on citizenship education and related topics. Within this, we would like to invite you to send us information related to different types of documents (thesis, papers, articles, etc.) that might be considered valuable in the field. The documents must be written in at least one of the following languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. For further details on how to send information, please contact us at

If you are a researcher, we would like also to invite you to consider the possibility of sending us your publications. In order to know more about how to send a publication to us, please click here and/or please contact us at




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