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Professional Development and Educational Resources 


The Professional Development and Educational Resources Component of the Inter-American Program on Education for Democratic Values and Practices promotes activities for professional development and educational resources to support the practice of democratic education in the Americas.


Hemispheric Course for Teachers: The Inter-American Democratic Charter and the Teaching of Democratic Values and Practices. First Pilot course – Peru 2006.

A pilot project to train 750 teachers rooted in the principles of the Inter-American Democratic Charter was implemented in Peru in 2006, supported by a grant from the U.S. Mission to the OAS and with partners including the Ministry of Education of Peru, Ministers of Education Argentina, Fe y Alegria of Peru, and the National Distance Education University of Spain (UNED). The project was aimed at implementing a distance education course for primary and secondary teachers and providing them with the basic pedagogic tools for teaching democratic values and practices in their classrooms.

The lessons learned from the course have been compiled in a document that will be presented to the CIE through the Inter-American Program in order to inform policy debates in the hemisphere on teaching democratic citizenship. In addition, a short promotional video with testimonies from participating teachers and students has been produced and will be presented to Member States and potential donors in the future.

- See Progress Report of this Pilot Project
- Video: Course on democratic classrooms in Peru.

Education for Democratic Citizenship in the Caribbean: An On-Line Course for Educators

Thanks to a grant from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the Department of Education and Culture is currently adapting the Spanish version of the distance course for teachers for the English-speaking Caribbean. This project aims to strengthen teaching practices at the classroom level so that teachers and students become more reflective. The project will accomplish this goal by developing an on-line multimedia system for distance education, to be supported by on-site tutors.

The first stakeholder meeting of the project was held in Christ Church, Barbados on July 12 and 13, 2007. The meeting brought together representatives of 9 Caribbean member states, from Ministries of Education, educational institutions and affiliated organizations, civil society and international organizations, to discuss the proposed content of the distance course and to determine how that content might be shaped to meet the specific needs and concerns of Caribbean countries. The next steps of the project involve identification of territories to be involved in the pilot, crafting of the curriculum for the distance course by a team of experts, and the assessment of technological requirements for the delivery of the distance course. For further information, please click here.

- See Video about project

Hemispheric Course Evaluation of Policies and Programs in Education for Democratic Citizenship. First Pilot Course, 2008.

This bilingual (English and Spanish) distance course provides an opportunity for participants from all OAS member states to share discuss key issues and questions and share resources on evaluation of policies and programs in democratic citizenship education.

The objectives of the course are:

1).Help to fill the gap in training and resources in this field.

2).Build regional capacity in the topic.

3).Foster the formation of collaborative networks within and among member states.

The first pilot was carried out between September 15 and December 15, had 34 participants and 7 observers from 22 countries in the Hemisphere, who were selected by an open call for candidates.
The curriculum was taught combining online and onsite modalities. The closing session of the course was developed as a 3-day onsite seminar that was held in December, 2008, in Antigua, Guatemala.

For further information about the course, please click here and/or contact Adriana Cepeda at:

Young Scholar Program

In an effort to incorporate youth within the planning and implementation of the Inter-American Program, the OAS has developed the Young Scholar Program. The Young Scholar Program's objective is to provide an opportunity for youth from the Americas, and other regions, to work actively in the Inter-American Program's activities, as part of their college coursework or as an independent initiative. This work may include research, meeting participation, translations, planning and participation in Program events within and outside the United States, among others.

For more information on Program activities, click here 

Educational Resources

A wealth of professional development and educational resources are available to educators and decision makers on democratic citizenship education. Examples include: contents for on-site and distance courses in different languages, bibliographies, links to relevant websites, films and videos and lesson plans. To access to these educational resources, please click here.

In the Electronic Bulletins of the Inter-American Program you may also find links to key educational resources per topic, such as: how to involve youth in democratic participation, education for conflict resolution and peace, human rights education, the role of communications media and arts in education for democratic citizenship and education for migrant children and youth, among others.




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