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Innovation and Competitiveness


By definition, innovation implies change or improvement upon an original idea, process, product or service. Its goal is to produce positive changes, usually translated into an increase in value to society. Innovation leading to more productivity is a fundamental source to increase competitiveness in firms and prosperity in an economy. 

In this context, the DSTI works with governments, universities, institutes and private sector firms constructing the appropriate capabilities to promote innovative practices. Strategies include, improving higher education in engineering, mobility of services and accreditation, as well as closer links and collaborative relationships between academia and industry (see Engineering for the Americas). In parallel, the DSTI supports efforts and projects to comply with international quality standards, a requirement to enter global markets (see Metrology Program).
Through these two concrete strategies, the DSTI aims to promote a culture of innovation that will have an impact in the productivity and the competitiveness of national firms. In turn, we expect this increase in competitiveness will lead to economic growth and will bring prosperity to the Hemisphere.


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