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The MuNet e-Government Program modernizes and strengthens municipalities with local e-Government strategies.

The program promotes the use of Information and Communication Technologies within local governments in order to strengthen their institutional capacities and thereby contribute to regional socioeconomic development.

What are our objectives?

Augment government efficiency and transparency at the local level.
Contribute to the modernization of operations related to taxation, registration, licensing, permission granting, etc. 

What do we do?

  • Provide e-goverment capacity-building for mayors and managers of local governments;
  • Offer technical assistance for the construction and definition of local e-Government strategies, and;
  • Facilitate the transfer of technology: e-Government application package “e-Muni”, which includes: MuniPortal (municipal portal), MuniCompra (municipal procurement), MuniServi (municipal services for citizens) and MuniParticipa (online participation of citizens).


  • Fiscal savings obtained at the local level through the increased efficiency of municipal operations.
  • Augmentation of transparency in the provision of services.
  • The expressed satisfaction of the participants and an increase in overall citizen participation.
  • The effective development of municipal portals.

MuNet e-Government Publication

The Secretariat for Political Affairs (SPA) has developed the following material for the purpose of illustrating the potential impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) with regard to the levels of transparency and efficacy with which municipalities operate. As a part of SPA, the MuNet e-Government initiative has developed this material to present an overview of some of the experiences within the region.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the collaboration of all of the municipalities that submitted to us the crucial information that we are now able to share with you by virtue of this publication. We are confident that this will be of great use to all municipalities of the Americas.



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