Programs   e-Government Service Centers

What are e-Government Service Centers?

The e-Government Service Centers have been established for the purpose of allowing increased numbers of public administrations to have access to electronic government services. The goal is for different public administrations to share their technological infrastructure and the human resources associated with the electronic government projects in order to reduce the cost of access to such services.


e-Government Service Centers benefit citizens

Through the creation of these service centers, operating by virtue of an infrastructure that incorporates Information and Communication Technologies (TICs), the possibility is enhanced for the flourishing of new technologies in the operations of various municipalities. The entrance of new technologies will result in benefits for the communities involved all the way down to the level of the individual citizen.

In addition, the e-Government Service Centers will offer a menu of the most demanded electronic government solutions, and municipalities will be required to pay only according to the level of usage of these services.


What is the status of the project?

Presently, SPA/OAS is in a negotiation process with several potential partner entities for this project.

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