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The OAS toolkit for the Modernization of the Cadastre is presented as a detailed guide to illustrate about the appropriate technology for the modernization of the cadastre record (the physical parcel boundaries). It should be noted that the cadastre is but one element of a modern land records system and is the graphic (map) support for the ownership information contained in the land registry. The cadastre and the land register equate to a legal and defendable land record.

The main objective is to offer a methodological framework as a reference to cadastral and land-related public officials of Latin America and the Caribbean in respect to its organization, Management and maintenance of the cadastre. 

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Module I: Introduction
·         Why should the land records de modernized?
·         The components of a modern land information system
·         Additional components of a modern land system
Module II: OAS starter toolkit overview
·         Phase 1: Cadastre Modernization review and analysis
o        Review of legal and regulatory frameworks
o        Analysis of existing and required data
·         Phase 2:Land Records Management System Planning phase
o        Acquire new data
o        Analysis of cadastre processes
o        Create or convert parcel data
·         Phase 3: System implementation phase
o        Deploy cadastre management solution
o        Adjudication of boundary disputes
o        Issuing of cadastre certificates
o        Additional functionality
Module III: Overview of the Guidelines
·         List of guidelines and approach
Module IV: Detailed guidelines
·         Guidelines 1 through 30
Module V: Beyond cadastre modernization
·         Post cadastre modernization activities
·         Guideline 1: Creation of an automated cadastre, registry and valuation system
·         Guideline 2: CAM/AVM system implementation strategy
·         Guideline 3: Create a National Spatial Data and Multipurpose Cadastre Infrastructure
·         Guideline 4: Implementing a GIS
·         Guideline 5: Create a National Disaster Mitigation Programme
·         Guideline 6: Implement a secure government communications portal
Module VI: The lending and donor agency
·         Typical funding procedure
·         Brief description of the lending donor agencies
After reviewing the toolkit the cadastral public officials and other interested stakeholders will be in position to develop and launch a cadastre modernization strategy. The personal analysis of each participant about his/her institution will allow them to reflect about their situation and their capacities to respond to the socio-economic needs of its community and align a renewed cadastre strategy in order to achieve greater levels of efficiency and transparency.
It is also our interest that the cadastre projects designed consider aspects beyond the valuation and fiscal aspects and take into consideration the inclusion of new elements that allow the integration with the property registry, as well as the integration of layers of information that allow the multipurpose use of the cadastre, interoperability and a new vision of inter-institutional public processes that are essential to improve democratic governance.
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