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Public Private Partnerships for the Modernization of Cadastre in the Americas    


Acknowledging important scientific advancements and great contributions of the private sector worldwide on cadastral products and solutions, the OAS promotes the implementation of modernization projects under efficient and transparent cooperation frameworks; which are strengthen by the collaboration among the public and the private sectors.
Throughout the years, the OAS has strengthened its tights and activities with its private sector network. Today, the OAS has established agreements and cooperation mechanisms with an important group of prestigious and leading multinationals with high and generous standards of corporate social responsibility, they are: the Environmental Sciences Research Institute (ESRI), Trimble Navigation, Thomson Reuters, and Stewart Global Solutions. Together with this Alliance the OAS has supported the Inter-American Cadastre and Property Registry Network and implemented a Cadastral Modernization StarteKit, which delivers GIS software, GPS equipment, Multipurpose Cadastre software (Landfolio) and technical assistance.        




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