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What is ECCE?
     Why invest in ECCE?
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What is ECCE   (Early Childhood Care and Education)?

The children born in 2008 will be seven in 2015, the age of primary school completion in most countries. These children are the generation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); the children for whom the international community has pledged that they will all be able to complete primary schooling by 2015. More


Development Stages

From birth to 3 months, a child begins to smile, tracks people and objects with its eyes, prefers bright colors, reaches, discovers its hands and feet, lifts its head and turns toward sounds, and cries. Protection from physical danger, adequate nutrition, adequate health care, (immunization, oral rehydration therapy, hygiene), motor and sensory stimulation, appropriate language stimulation, responsive and sensitive parenting. More


Healthy Development

In April 1996, the World Bank organized a global conference on Early Child Development: Investing in the Future in Atlanta, Georgia. Representatives of governments, non-governmental organizations, foundations, academia, multilateral and bilateral agencies gathered to affirm the importance of promoting a deeper commitment worldwide to children's rights and to meeting children's developmental needs. At the conclusion of the conference the following list of necessities - which are endorsed by UNICEF, WHO, and numerous NGOs - was defined as basic to children's growth. These principles recognize the importance and synergistic effect of healthy physical, cognitive, and emotional development  More ...


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